Bulky Items & On-Call Cleanups

  1. Multi-family Bulky Item Pick-UP Program
  2. Single-Family/Duplex Bulky IteM Pick-UP Program
  3. holiday Tree Pick-up Guidelines

New Multi-Family Bulky Item Pick-Up Pilot Program

Multi-family complexes 3 and 19 units can participate in a new pilot program for the curbside collection of household bulky items. Participation in this program is on a first-come first-served basis. Interested residents are recommended to contact their building owner or manager to schedule a pick-up. Collections may be scheduled for individual units, or combined to serve multiple units on the same day.

Program Guidelines:

  • Program services multi-family dwellings with 3-19 units
  • Property manager or owner must complete a participation form and call (510) 262-7100 to schedule a collection
  • Two items per collection per apartment unit per year at no cost
  • May substitute five E-waste items for one bulky item
  • No commercial-sized appliances, hazardous materials, or construction and demolition materials

Richmond MFD Bulky Item Flyer
Richmond MFD Bulky Item Flyer