Literacy Program (LEAP)

Literacy for Every Adult Program (LEAP)

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Contact Information

Sherry Drobner
Literacy Program Manager
440 Civic Center Plaza
Richmond, CA  94804


LEAP is a free program sponsored by the Richmond Public Library in which tutors and learners work one-on-one or in small groups. LEAP's purpose is to help adults develop the skills and confidence they need to achieve their individual goals.


In 1984, The Richmond Public Library started one of the original library-based adult literacy programs.  With the startling recognition that 1 out of 5 adults in our country lacked the basic literacy skills for full participation in community and economic sphere, funding became available for new programs.  Since that time, Richmond residents enrolled in LEAP for a variety of purposes. At first it was to improve basic reading and writing skills, but as time passed LEAP recognized community needs, expanding it’s services to GED preparation, English as a Second Language, math literacy and computer literacy.


LEAP provides small group and one-to-one instruction, creating a community of learning that is respectful and sensitive to the individual goals of each learner. LEAP staff mentor volunteers in a small group setting. Volunteers establish tutoring relationships with individuals and support during small sessions as well and independently on a one-to-one basis, when needed. Group Literacy instruction varies between traditional skills building assignments, creative projects and learner generated interests, and blended learning. The blended learning provides learners, tutors and teacher an opportunity to incorporate digital literacy, whereby adult learners become more comfortable and confident using the computer.  All students, be it basic literacy, ESL or GED are computer savvy upon completion of the program.


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